Baking Tip Sunday: The BEST Chocolate Chips for Your Cookies

Baking Tip Sunday:

Another Sunday, another lesson learned the hard way...

This one involves chocolate chips. How many of you wonder what truly is the best chocolate chip to use in your chocolate chip cookies? I recently had some leftover milk chocolate chips in my cupboard someone brought over and thought - what the heck, I'll try them in my cookies. So...drumroll please. Semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips?

Well, my are my thoughts:

Milk Chocolate - I love chocolate, I love milk chocolate...but I do NOT love milk chocolate in chocolate chip cookies. It is a bad idea unless you are going for a quite untraditional taste. It has more sugar, is way sweeter and very silky. If you do choose this chip, make sure to cut the other sugar down in the recipe - otherwise it will be too sweet. It didn't work for me in my recipe, and I ended up throwing the whole batch away.

Semi-sweet - this is the traditional...the typical...40-70% cocoa...just what you "expect" in a chocolate chip, sweet, but not too sweet and retains its shape so you still have those beloved and firm chips!

Happy baking! #chocolatechips #chocolatechipcookies #semisweet #milkchocolate

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