Baking Tip Sunday: Metallic Cookies!!!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I’ve been making some test batches of new recipes lately. In some, but not all...I’ve found an unpleasant soapy, metallic aftertaste. It seems that I am one of few of my tasters who can taste it! Interesting. Perplexing. Disturbing. Until I researched. And discovered - it’s in the baking powder!

Some very common and popular baking powders contain aluminum! And in some cases this can cause a not so great metal taste. Using a baking powder without aluminum will eliminate this possibility altogether. Note that because of the timing of chemical reactions without aluminum, you may need to adjust when you put your goods in the oven, but, to me, It is SO WORTH IT.

Reach out if I can answer questions about this new (to me) discovery! I’m still learning and will share anything I come across that causes these “a-ha!” moments!

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